Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tag Show Off & More Freebies x

Good evening guys.
My good friend Susan has been busy again making tags using my templates so i just want to show you what amazing results you can get using a template.

She used my template number 77 for this beautiful tag
Artist Keith Garvey Tube called Rosie, Scrapkit Candys Treats called Classy and Fabulous.
How beautiful is that guys ?, I'm a mega Susan fan lol.
Once again thank you so very much Susan x

Now its time for a couple of freebies :)
The first one is a 2 CU Cluster frames

Please click the button below to download.

Your 2nd freebie is a beautiful CU full size easter bunnie.

Please click the button below to download.

Your 3rd and final freebie for today is CU, CU4CU papers which are taggers size.

Please click on the button below to download.

Well that's all for today folks, I really didn't get as much done today which is very annoying. 
A lot of my older tagging friends don't know this but i am now disabled :(
Unfortunately 4 years ago i bent down to pick a cup up off the floor and my back went. Iv'e had problems since i had my son 10 years ago but it would always get better, this time it did not.
After xrays, Scans and many many many hospital visits we found out i had a prolapsed disc, it was so bad i was unable to walk without aid for just over 18 months until i had an operation on my spine. 
By this time and because i had to wait so long for the operation my static nerve has been serverly damaged and it will never get better.
So this means i'm in pain 24/7, i'm and very strong pain meds everyday.
Some days i can hardly walk, Some days i'm in a lot of pain other days i am not. So i can't sit for to long but i also can't stand for to long lol. I constantly have to move myself about until i can kinda get comfortable lol. 

I was hoping to have so much more added to Mystical Dreams by now but i slipped down the last 3 stairs yesterday hurting my left leg so that's kinda put me back a bit but i do promise to get some items added tomorrow :)
Anyway as they say i'm alive & i'm seeing my amazing son grow up and there's most defiantly people worse off than me.

I suppose i better get my butt in bed as its just gone past 1am but im a bit of a night owl lol.

I hope everyone is well & i wish you all a wonderful weekend.
As always take good care
Much love Ali x

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  1. thank you so much. Love getting all these cu and or cu4cu freebies. Helps to build up my supplies!