Monday, 18 September 2017

OMG !!!!!!

Hay Guys :)
How are you all doing ?
OK so as most of you will know the reason why i have not been about is because my home was hit by lightening which then killed my PC so i thought.
I took my PC to the shop where i brought it from to be told that mu hard drive had had it :( as you can imagine i was devastated because i didn't have the money to just go out and buy another pc. So the PC just sat in my front room un working for a couple of months. That was until i was taking to a mate and her hubby and he asked to have a look at the PC. After 10 minutes he had my PC and my external drive working. So what was it ? Well it was the power cords that had been blown by the storm.
Am i happy ??? Ummmm yes VERY VERY lol and so is Leyton as he missed the PC very much.

What the hell has happened to my page ???
OMG it looks blooming terrible. So much for Photobucket being free.
They now want $59.99 per month to display all my images which i just cant afford, so i need to find something else ?
Does anyone have any ideas please ? Any ideas will be very  much appreciated. 

So whats going to happen now ?

Well try and sort this horrible looking page out lol, After that's done i'll be able to get back to posting freebies, I still have over 200 products to add to store, i was working on 2 more kits before the storm so i hope to be able to get them finished.

Pls pls bare with me while i try to get this place sorted out and looking half decent again.
Make sure you keep popping back because as i said i will be posting some new freebies very soon.

Thanks for read guys, As always take good care

Monday, 1 May 2017

Summer Love Freebie x

Small Freebie For My Tagging Ladies x

Summer Love Mini Kit Freebie.
This kit if for personal use only please :)
Click on the button below to download.

Ok i hope ive made up for being away now lol.
I have more to post tomorrow so make sure you stop by.

Take good care

Im Back & A Few Freebies x

I'm so sorry for being away for a few days ladies & gents,
iv'e been ill which kept me away from the pc.
I really hate letting people down so i am truly sorry.

Iv'e sorted out a few freebies to say sorry.

Freebie 1

CU Girly Beads.
Download HERE

Freebie 2

3 CU Angels
Download HERE

Freebie 3

CU4CU & CU Chocolate Bunny.
Download HERE

Freebie 4

CU Frame Templates
Download HERE

Freebie 5

10 CU Frames With Bows.
Download From HERE

& Freebie 6

A Couple Of CU Love Theme Overlays Which Are Full Size 3600 x 3600
Download From HERE

Like iv'e already said i am sorry for not being about for the last few days but i just couldn't sit at the pc at all. I'm still very sore so for the next few days there will be 1 freebie posted per day but with 2 freebie downloads. This is a better idea to be honest lol.

I'll be back soon with something nice for my tagger fans.
Big hugs guys & i hope your all ok


Friday, 28 April 2017

CU & CU4CU Gothic Window x

There really is loads that can be done with this stunning Gothic style window all it takes is a bit of imagination ;)
Please click on the button below to download.

I hope you all have a lovely evening guys.
Take care 

Flowers Freebie CU x

These beautiful flowers are just perfect for your summer tags & kits.

Here's a preview.

I just love the colour of all these.
Pls click on the button to download :)

Have a wonderful day guys

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Good Afternoon Ladies x

Hay guys, 
Hope your all ok :)

Here is a preview of this afternoons freebie.

Awwww how cute is that little teddy ? lol.
Pls click on the button below to download.

Enjoy ladies & gents

CT Angie x

"You're Under Arrest"
CT for Designs By Ali

This kit is called "In Custody" by Designs By Ali
Which can be purchased at Mystical Scraps…
Tube is called "Police Dept." by Michael Landefeld
Tutorial by me at LadyDeath's Designs…/youre-under-arrest-…

Angie did amazing work with my In Custody kit and an absolutely perfect tube to use with my kit.
Thank you so much for my as well Angie, Defo saved and loved.

Make sure you check Angies blog out with the above link.

Thanks for looking guys 

Good Morning Guys x

Im so sorry for being a bit late with this mornings freebie.
I fell down the stairs a couple of days ago and lets just say iv'e had a very sore bottom which has stopped me for sitting at the pc for very long lol.

Anyway here is a preview of this mornings freebie.

Yummy strawberries which are for CU.
Click on the button below to download.

Have a lovely days guys.
I'll be back later :)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Afternoon Freebie x

You will be downloading 3 beautiful clocks which are for CU.
These are taggers size.

Pls click on the button below to download.

I hope you like these stunning antique clocks guys.
Take care and ty for popping by

Good Morning Guys + A Couple Of Freebies x

Good morning guys.
How are you all getting on ?
I hope your all well :)

Ok your first freebie today is a 2 CU mirrors.
One is normal and one is cracked.
Here is a preview.

This is taggers size.
Pls click on the button below to download.


Your next freebie is My GSD who passed away dad.
Pls respect this tube and do not abuse in any way or form.

He is for CU and is taggers size.
Pls click on the button below to download


Finally we have a couple of girly bottles.

These are full size 300dpi.
Click on the button below to download.

I hope you enjoy this mornings freebies.
I will see you all later on.
Take good care