Friday, 24 March 2017

Good Morning & Next Template Downloads x

Good morning my beautiful friends, How are you all doing today ?
Tbh i'm in complete shock lol.

A couple of days ago i decided i was going to try and find my old tagger/designer friends who i lost contact with 6 years ago, well i'm very happy to say i have found a load of them lol. Its been amazing to catch up with some of them and sad at times because they had no idea what was going on when i left and why i had to completely leave from everything. Iv'e also have 287 news friends on Facebook lol so i'm most definitely making a lot of new friends as well which is great. 
It's just great to be back and to see everyone again and to catch up on their lives weather to be good or bad news but thats a part of friendship not all times are good are they unfortunately. It's only the strongest friendships that get through all the crap that this world throws at us.

Anyway an amzing friend of mine called Susan made me this stunning tags with one of my templates and i have to say its is most definitley one of my favorite tags ever and im sure you will agree 

Thank you so much Susan xx

OK well its time for today's download and yes its the next batch of templates.
Click on the buttons below to download them :)

I really can't to see what you make with these one's guys.
Have fun with them.

Well its time for me to get some work done i suppose lol.
Have an amazing day & whatever your up to take care.

Much love Ali xx

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