Thursday, 23 March 2017

Guess Who's Back ! Plus My First Freebies x

Did you ever think that you would see me here again ? lol
Due to private reasons i had to leave the tagging & designing world 6 years ago and how i have missed it but it was the right thing to do at the time.
A lot has gone on in the last 6 years but you really don't want to hear about all that, All that you need to know is i'm fine and my son Leyton who is now 10 is absolutely amazing. He most definitely is the one who has helped me so much to get through the last 6 years that's for sure. He's an amazing young man so caring, Loving, Loyal, Friendly, Respectful and he's my rock. I knew mothers and son were close but our bond is absolutely unbreakable. 
I am truly blessed that's for sure. 

Anyway im back lol.
I am exclusively selling in one store and have no plans in selling in any more, i know i use to sell in about 5 stores but wow how did i ever do all that lol, Its hard enough at the moment trying to add that 500 odd products that's i have lol but i will get there eventually.
You can find my products at Mystical Scraps. Just click the blinkie below to be taken to my part of the store. Make sure you check back daily to see what products iv'e added :)

 Mystical Scraps

I also have a facebook page which i will also post updates on so you may want to join that page. Click below to be take to my Facebook page.

I still have a bit to sort out on the blog but i did just want to get it up and i'd like to thank Muriel, She is Owner and Founder at CreativeDisorder Designs.
She is an amazing young lady and a fantastic tagger, her work is amazing.
So thank you so very much Muriel.

Well i think iv'e gone on enough haven't i lol.
So lets get down to what i'm giving you today shell we.
A lot of people have been asking about my templates, Lucky enough i have an external drive and i saved everything on there so yes i have every single template i ever made lol.
I'm going to be starting from the first ones i made which was over 8 years ago lol so they may or may not be to your taste but they may be useful to someone.
As i have so many templates i'm going to be posting a couple of links over the next few days.
So you can grab the first 2 packs bu hitting the buttons below :)

I hope you like the templates but as i said they are my older ones but trust me they do get a lot better lol.

Well im off for a nice cuppa, Whatever your up to today have fun and take care.
With love Ali xx


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your Templates with us <3

  2. Yvw Bianca. Will post more tomorrow hun x

  3. Thanks hun, I downloaded both sets and will put them in a safe place <3 . I have not made a tag in years but it will happen again someday, lol..

  4. Thank you so much, gonna have to play with these!

    1. Are you stalking me haha. Mwahhhh lubs ya baby xxx

  5. thank you so much for these,dont use they too often but will use them asap :)