Monday, 27 March 2017

The PSP World, A Freebie & Tag Show Off x

Good morning guys.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and i hope all the mums, and dads doing the job as mum had a wonderful Mothers day.

Iv'e not been back in the PSP very long. iv'e been looking about finding all the amazing new artists, looking at the work of these amazing artists, making new friends, admiring the work of these new friends & unfortunately seeing and hearing things i don't like.  

Since i started tagging 11 years ago i have and always will be copy write aware,
I don't think that's much for the artists to ask considering we are using their art work that may of taken them weeks or months to design.
It's upsetting to see so many people not follow theses simple rules, they seem to think its one rule for them and another for everyone else, well i'm sorry but its wrong and your wrong for not respecting the artists work that you're using.

I have had a lot of people added to my Facebook over 500 people and in this group of people there are unfortunately non copy write people.
These people are also in my Designs By Ali FB page.

I am politely asking these people to remove themselves from my Designs By Ali page and my personal FB page.
I mean no harm but i do not in any way agree with what you are doing and as i'm a designer as well i want my name no part of any of these people.
If you love your hobby and want to use certain tubes then please respect the artists and pay from them, If you cant afford to there are a few artists who have free tubes on there websites.
You know you're in the wrong so why not after reading this which i know you will do the right thing :)

The other problem which i have seen is certain ladies taking other peoples work and then claiming it as their own. This is bloody disgusting and makes me very angry. Just WHY lol ? You cant use PSP ? Trust me we all started at the bottom and opened the program and thought OMG where do i start but after practice and time you learn to use it. You get a great feeling when you know you've created something yourself and if your nicking other peoples work its a shame you never get to feel that feeling.  

Again if your in either of my FB pages and you rip tags off other people remove yourself at once. I have absolutely no time for these kind of people.
Right well i think that's the moaning over with lol.
To the people who stick to the rules much respect to you ladies & gentlemen. 

Today's freebie is a load of frames which have all been made by me.
These frames are for CU.

Here is a tag iv'e just made with one of the frames in the pack above.

Kit used is made by me called I Love You
This will be in store later today

Click the button below to download the frames.

I think thats all for now :)
Ill be back later to let you know what has been added to store.

Have a wonderful day guys & as always take care x