Friday, 31 March 2017

Easter Kit Freebie x

Suddenly occurred to me that iv'e not given any kits away yet but i'm now going to change that lol.

Please be aware that this is an older kit so it may not be as good as my new ones but i thought rather that just throw it away i'd give it away on here as someone might like it.

This kit is taggers size and comes with 96 elements & 30 papers.
This kit is for personal use only and please direct people to my blog to download, that would be much appreciated :)

Please click on the button below to get the kit.

I hope someone can get some use out of this kit.
I do have 60 other kits to give away but we will do that over the next couple of weeks.

I hope everyone has had a fab Friday.

I'll be back later with another freebie MAYBE lol.

As always guys take care whatever you're up to

Designs By Ali with love xx

Tag Show Off x

Well the amazing Susan has been at it again.
She has made some amazing tags using my templates and as always they are stunning.

Here is the first one.

 photo 17626524_193050381197355_6020938207848858246_n_zpsbfpseggs.jpg
Artist Misticheskaya Tube Erika .. This Beautiful tube comes in different colours and accessories. Can be used in different kind of themed tags.
Get the tube at

Scrapkit is Designs by SaraJane called My little Girl .. is such a pretty Kit so soft .. all pastels .. good for all your Spring,Summer or Easter tags.

Template 16 by Designs by Ali

Here is the 2nd one.

 photo 17634582_192914527877607_4651010164494619371_n_zpsc5rccc0c.jpg

CT for Aurélie of Purple Dreams Scraps
Scrap kit called Easter Fun
This kit is such a feel good Easter kit .. full of cute animals .. lovely elements .. make all your tags lovely.
Get this lovely Kit at

Artist Pinuptoons called Bunny .. I got this tube when Cilm was around but you can 
get the Tube at

Template I used was from Designs by Ali 
Get the Template no 22 at

Made FTU Frame and Snag you can get at

Here is the 3rd one :)
 photo 17626410_192659077903152_2696799601420125347_n_zpsmzuw7lay.jpg

And finally the 4th one which is my fav.

 photo 17554512_192388777930182_1078144904345749767_n_zpsbkgo4n4p.jpg
Artist Rebecca Sinz Tube called Aconitum.. 
This is a stunning Tube ...The Dark blue of the Flowers and Lips give a startling stunning effect. 
Rebbeca has many Beautiful Tubes at her site

Scrapkit is by Tiny Turtle Designs Called Summer Blues .. This is a stunning kit, Different Hues of blue, beautiful elements.. 
The site is such good value there is always a sale on and well worth looking at the lovely kits.

Template from Designs by Ali number 185 .. Ali has many wonderful templates and freebies on her site.

I really don't know what to say except thank you so much to Susan for using my templates and making them look so good lol.
Your work is truly amazing hun, Oh and of course thank you so much for my pressies which are very saved.

Right i will be back very very soon with a Friday freebie.

Designs By Ali xx

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Freebies & 50% Off Sale x

Good Morning Guys :)

Totally forgot i'd not given you a freebie for a few days, I'm sorry lol
Sooooo what did i find for you today ?

Well first of all we have 2 packs of Easter word art.
Please click on the buttons below.

2nd freebie is a Sandcastle perfect for those Summer beach theme kits.
This is for CU.

Please ignore dates on the preview as i have over 300 freebies to give away from when i was designing before :)

Click on the button below to grab this freebie. 

Mmmmm what else do we have ? 
How about some fantasy books ? CU ok.

Click on the button below to get these fab fantasy books.

Next is a CU Flower mix.

Click on the button below to download.

Last one for today is a beautiful cluster frame made by myself PU ONLY.

Click on the button below to download.

Well i hope iv'e made up for not posting some freebies for a few days lol.

I also want to let you all know im having a 50% off sale at Mystical Scraps
Its not very often that i have this much off on my products so i hope you'll take advantage of it lol.

I know i know i still have sooooo much to upload, Trust me its off putting because i have so much, Half the time i don't know where to blooming start :(
Small steps at a time Ali is what i kept being told lol.

Anyway i hope you all enjoy the freebies, And i hope you all have a wonderful day. As always take good care of yourselves.

With Love Ali 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Tag Show Off & Next Set Of Templates x

Good evening guys.
How is everyone ? I hope your all well.

Well i didnt get half of anything i wanted to get done today because i was to bloody tired lol. My son's playstation decided to stop working last night so i stayed up all night trying to fix it. Thankfully i got it working but its very slow sometimes. Don't know how long its going to last lol.
It's getting old just like me lol.

Anyway i have some beautiful tags to show off which were made by Susan.
Again i have to express just how amazing this ladies work is but i'm sure you can see that for yourself.

The first tag uses my Template number 62

PTU Tube and Scrapkit
Artist Alehandra Venhek .. Tube Alice .. this is a lovely tube and can purchase it in different colours. I'm a huge fan of Alice tubes and this tube was fun to create with.

Get the tube Alice at ..

Scrapit by PinkParadox Productions .. Alice in Wonderland .. This is a beautiful kit .. offers up over a 100 elements and 15 papers the kit is large. A real pleasure to make tags with.

Her next one uses template number 153

PTU Tube and Scrapkit

Made Snags get them here
Artist ValentinaAndDesign .. Tube VAD This is a beautiful Poser Tube .. very soft .. fairytale feel to it. ValentinaAndDesigns has many lovely poser tubes.
Get the tube at

Scrapkit by Tiny Turtle Designs called Powder Blue Fantasy .. this kit is all hues of blue .. fantasy feel to the kit.. has many elements and papers. 

Her final one uses template number 152

Artist Alicia Mujica tube called Flora .. this is such a pretty tube. Find many beautiful tubes at Alicia Site at

Scrapkit is by KittyScraps .. called The Land of the Rainbow .. very pretty kit .. Fairy tale type Kit full of lovely elements and papers. get the get at…

As you can see her work is just stunning.
Thank you so much Susan for using my templates, I'm glad you like them so much hun.

Ok well i suppose you all need some more templates ? lol
Just click on the buttons below to download.

I hope you all enjoy these :)

Have a wonderful day/night
And as always take good care xxx

Monday, 27 March 2017

New Products Added To Mystical Scraps x

Good evening guys.
I hope you've all had a wonderful day so far.

I was able to get some items added to store today and i will be doing the same tomorrow.

Today 4 Taggers Size kits were added, and they are
I Love You TS
Angelis TS
Attitude TS &
Bad Girls TS
Preview of kits below

7 CU items were added to store and they are
CU4CU Chained Fencing
CU Hanging Winged Hearts
Designer Mix Packs 1 to 5
Preview below

All these items and much more can be found at Mystical Scraps

Thanks for looking guys, Im now of to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea.

Take care & i will see you all tomorrow x

The PSP World, A Freebie & Tag Show Off x

Good morning guys.
I hope you all had a lovely weekend and i hope all the mums, and dads doing the job as mum had a wonderful Mothers day.

Iv'e not been back in the PSP very long. iv'e been looking about finding all the amazing new artists, looking at the work of these amazing artists, making new friends, admiring the work of these new friends & unfortunately seeing and hearing things i don't like.  

Since i started tagging 11 years ago i have and always will be copy write aware,
I don't think that's much for the artists to ask considering we are using their art work that may of taken them weeks or months to design.
It's upsetting to see so many people not follow theses simple rules, they seem to think its one rule for them and another for everyone else, well i'm sorry but its wrong and your wrong for not respecting the artists work that you're using.

I have had a lot of people added to my Facebook over 500 people and in this group of people there are unfortunately non copy write people.
These people are also in my Designs By Ali FB page.

I am politely asking these people to remove themselves from my Designs By Ali page and my personal FB page.
I mean no harm but i do not in any way agree with what you are doing and as i'm a designer as well i want my name no part of any of these people.
If you love your hobby and want to use certain tubes then please respect the artists and pay from them, If you cant afford to there are a few artists who have free tubes on there websites.
You know you're in the wrong so why not after reading this which i know you will do the right thing :)

The other problem which i have seen is certain ladies taking other peoples work and then claiming it as their own. This is bloody disgusting and makes me very angry. Just WHY lol ? You cant use PSP ? Trust me we all started at the bottom and opened the program and thought OMG where do i start but after practice and time you learn to use it. You get a great feeling when you know you've created something yourself and if your nicking other peoples work its a shame you never get to feel that feeling.  

Again if your in either of my FB pages and you rip tags off other people remove yourself at once. I have absolutely no time for these kind of people.
Right well i think that's the moaning over with lol.
To the people who stick to the rules much respect to you ladies & gentlemen. 

Today's freebie is a load of frames which have all been made by me.
These frames are for CU.

Here is a tag iv'e just made with one of the frames in the pack above.

Kit used is made by me called I Love You
This will be in store later today

Click the button below to download the frames.

I think thats all for now :)
Ill be back later to let you know what has been added to store.

Have a wonderful day guys & as always take care x

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Tag Show Off & More Freebies x

Good evening guys.
My good friend Susan has been busy again making tags using my templates so i just want to show you what amazing results you can get using a template.

She used my template number 77 for this beautiful tag
Artist Keith Garvey Tube called Rosie, Scrapkit Candys Treats called Classy and Fabulous.
How beautiful is that guys ?, I'm a mega Susan fan lol.
Once again thank you so very much Susan x

Now its time for a couple of freebies :)
The first one is a 2 CU Cluster frames

Please click the button below to download.

Your 2nd freebie is a beautiful CU full size easter bunnie.

Please click the button below to download.

Your 3rd and final freebie for today is CU, CU4CU papers which are taggers size.

Please click on the button below to download.

Well that's all for today folks, I really didn't get as much done today which is very annoying. 
A lot of my older tagging friends don't know this but i am now disabled :(
Unfortunately 4 years ago i bent down to pick a cup up off the floor and my back went. Iv'e had problems since i had my son 10 years ago but it would always get better, this time it did not.
After xrays, Scans and many many many hospital visits we found out i had a prolapsed disc, it was so bad i was unable to walk without aid for just over 18 months until i had an operation on my spine. 
By this time and because i had to wait so long for the operation my static nerve has been serverly damaged and it will never get better.
So this means i'm in pain 24/7, i'm and very strong pain meds everyday.
Some days i can hardly walk, Some days i'm in a lot of pain other days i am not. So i can't sit for to long but i also can't stand for to long lol. I constantly have to move myself about until i can kinda get comfortable lol. 

I was hoping to have so much more added to Mystical Dreams by now but i slipped down the last 3 stairs yesterday hurting my left leg so that's kinda put me back a bit but i do promise to get some items added tomorrow :)
Anyway as they say i'm alive & i'm seeing my amazing son grow up and there's most defiantly people worse off than me.

I suppose i better get my butt in bed as its just gone past 1am but im a bit of a night owl lol.

I hope everyone is well & i wish you all a wonderful weekend.
As always take good care
Much love Ali x

Friday, 24 March 2017

Good Morning & Next Template Downloads x

Good morning my beautiful friends, How are you all doing today ?
Tbh i'm in complete shock lol.

A couple of days ago i decided i was going to try and find my old tagger/designer friends who i lost contact with 6 years ago, well i'm very happy to say i have found a load of them lol. Its been amazing to catch up with some of them and sad at times because they had no idea what was going on when i left and why i had to completely leave from everything. Iv'e also have 287 news friends on Facebook lol so i'm most definitely making a lot of new friends as well which is great. 
It's just great to be back and to see everyone again and to catch up on their lives weather to be good or bad news but thats a part of friendship not all times are good are they unfortunately. It's only the strongest friendships that get through all the crap that this world throws at us.

Anyway an amzing friend of mine called Susan made me this stunning tags with one of my templates and i have to say its is most definitley one of my favorite tags ever and im sure you will agree 

Thank you so much Susan xx

OK well its time for today's download and yes its the next batch of templates.
Click on the buttons below to download them :)

I really can't to see what you make with these one's guys.
Have fun with them.

Well its time for me to get some work done i suppose lol.
Have an amazing day & whatever your up to take care.

Much love Ali xx

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Guess Who's Back ! Plus My First Freebies x

Did you ever think that you would see me here again ? lol
Due to private reasons i had to leave the tagging & designing world 6 years ago and how i have missed it but it was the right thing to do at the time.
A lot has gone on in the last 6 years but you really don't want to hear about all that, All that you need to know is i'm fine and my son Leyton who is now 10 is absolutely amazing. He most definitely is the one who has helped me so much to get through the last 6 years that's for sure. He's an amazing young man so caring, Loving, Loyal, Friendly, Respectful and he's my rock. I knew mothers and son were close but our bond is absolutely unbreakable. 
I am truly blessed that's for sure. 

Anyway im back lol.
I am exclusively selling in one store and have no plans in selling in any more, i know i use to sell in about 5 stores but wow how did i ever do all that lol, Its hard enough at the moment trying to add that 500 odd products that's i have lol but i will get there eventually.
You can find my products at Mystical Scraps. Just click the blinkie below to be taken to my part of the store. Make sure you check back daily to see what products iv'e added :)

 Mystical Scraps

I also have a facebook page which i will also post updates on so you may want to join that page. Click below to be take to my Facebook page.

I still have a bit to sort out on the blog but i did just want to get it up and i'd like to thank Muriel, She is Owner and Founder at CreativeDisorder Designs.
She is an amazing young lady and a fantastic tagger, her work is amazing.
So thank you so very much Muriel.

Well i think iv'e gone on enough haven't i lol.
So lets get down to what i'm giving you today shell we.
A lot of people have been asking about my templates, Lucky enough i have an external drive and i saved everything on there so yes i have every single template i ever made lol.
I'm going to be starting from the first ones i made which was over 8 years ago lol so they may or may not be to your taste but they may be useful to someone.
As i have so many templates i'm going to be posting a couple of links over the next few days.
So you can grab the first 2 packs bu hitting the buttons below :)

I hope you like the templates but as i said they are my older ones but trust me they do get a lot better lol.

Well im off for a nice cuppa, Whatever your up to today have fun and take care.
With love Ali xx