Monday, 18 September 2017

OMG !!!!!!

Hay Guys :)
How are you all doing ?
OK so as most of you will know the reason why i have not been about is because my home was hit by lightening which then killed my PC so i thought.
I took my PC to the shop where i brought it from to be told that mu hard drive had had it :( as you can imagine i was devastated because i didn't have the money to just go out and buy another pc. So the PC just sat in my front room un working for a couple of months. That was until i was taking to a mate and her hubby and he asked to have a look at the PC. After 10 minutes he had my PC and my external drive working. So what was it ? Well it was the power cords that had been blown by the storm.
Am i happy ??? Ummmm yes VERY VERY lol and so is Leyton as he missed the PC very much.

What the hell has happened to my page ???
OMG it looks blooming terrible. So much for Photobucket being free.
They now want $59.99 per month to display all my images which i just cant afford, so i need to find something else ?
Does anyone have any ideas please ? Any ideas will be very  much appreciated. 

So whats going to happen now ?

Well try and sort this horrible looking page out lol, After that's done i'll be able to get back to posting freebies, I still have over 200 products to add to store, i was working on 2 more kits before the storm so i hope to be able to get them finished.

Pls pls bare with me while i try to get this place sorted out and looking half decent again.
Make sure you keep popping back because as i said i will be posting some new freebies very soon.

Thanks for read guys, As always take good care


  1. Hi there, nice to see your back, how lucky are you!
    You are using Blogger for your site, so you can use Google drive (15 gigs free) to store your files, and pics etc... hope that helps.

  2. you can always use they have the codes for blogs so you can link all your blinkies and other images, I use it now for tag pick ups and for my blog blinkies as well :)

    1. Thank you so much ladies. Plan to be back monday, had a lot going through this head of mine but I think coming back doing what I love will help and my dear mum would want me back doing what I love. Thank you so much ladies. See you Monday. Lovely to see yiu Muriel. Hope your ok x