Monday, 3 April 2017

Gifts For Friends x

The one thing iv'e always loved about designing and making tags is being able to make pressies for friends and know they love what you've made them.

So i thought i'd show you a couple of gifts iv'e just given.
All tags are made using my kits :) x

 photo DBA FOR JESS 4_zps3yiingmo.png  photo DBA FOR JESS 3_zpsd3xg8mdg.png  photo DBA FOR JESS 5_zpsf9aofzcw.png  photo DBD_KG_GINA_zpspqwlnuld.png  photo DBD_KG_DEVIL1_MURIEL_zpsputayeob.png  photo DBA_JC_IAFP_MURIEL_zpshix5u7f9.png  photo DBA_IR_ADULT_GINA_zpsbvvhshfr.png

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